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Anti cribbing/ windsucking collar

While cribbing has traditionally been thought to be just a vice or bad habit, new information indicates that a horse that cribs may be responding to a digestive upset. ... Cribbing can also be caused by extreme boredom and is usually but not always associated with horses who spend most of their time in stall situations.

Fitted around the horse's jowl at the throatlatch, a cribbing collar doesn't affect a horse's breathing, eating, or drinking when he isn't attempting to crib. When the horse does attempt to crib, the collar applies pressure to the throat latch so he can't arch his neck and suck in air. 


  • Made With Synthetic Leather
  • Sturdy Fittings
  • Fully Adjustable Strong Nylon Strap
  • In Black
  • One Size
Price - 49.95 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)

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