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Creatine powder 700gm Supa Valu

CREATINE is a compound of 3 amino acids which is critically involved with energy supply to muscles. During exercise the initial energy supply to muscles is ATP, which releases energy as it is converted to ADP. Creatine in the body may be combined with phosphates as Creatine phosphate, which converts ADP back to ATP so that it can be re-used. Supplementing with Creatine increases the energy supply to muscles. High creatine levels, and thus increased ATP supply, prevent the muscle using glycolysis for energy production. This glycolysis produces lactic acid. By reducing lactic acid production Creatine is delaying the onset of muscle fatigue. In addition, Creatine enhances the body’s ability to make the proteins used during muscle contraction. This results in increased muscle density, size, and strength. 

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